Giving Back


Building Communities through Film

Green Shoot Films is committed to building communities through the films we make. Both the short-term and long-term benefits of producing ZULU: DAY OF THE DEAD MOON in KwaZulu Natal, are significant. Apart from an obvious economic benefit to the region, the production itself will grow skills, and create numerous jobs and grow small enterprises in KwaZulu Natal - including the hire of local craftsmen to produce props and wardrobe and the use of local companies to provide sustainable and energy saving products and services. A significant part of the production will involve on-set training and skills development for film graduates.

Green Filming

Green Shoot Films is an eco-friendly film production company and has been implementing green strategies across productions since inception in 2009. ZULU: DAY OF THE DEAD MOON (ZULU) will be a green film production, making it a notable first in the South African film industry. A dedicated ‘Green Team’ on the production will oversee the implementation of green practices in all departments, to ensure that the ‘green goals’ and strategies are sustainable throughout the production. They will also locate low-impact vendors and products made with greener materials, circulate educational information and resources, and monitor waste diversion strategies and results. 

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Images by Peter Matthews